Kevin Spacey about VR and investing in WoofbertVR – a Virtual Art Gallery

Kevin Spacey talked at th World Economic Forum in Davos about Storytelling, VR and the future of education. For him the big advantage of virtual reality is that people will be able to go places they had not the chance to visit before and experience circumstances that are completely different than their own. Besides opportunities in storytelling for him education is a big reason to deal with VR.

Audiences at the end of the day don´t care about platforms, they want good stories.
Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey entered the VR industry by investing into WoofbertVR an educational platform that offers users visits in virtual museums, like the Courtauld Gallery’s Wolfson Room in London. WoofbertVR was co-founded by Elisabeth Reede who worked as a curator at the Museum of Modern Arts. The app is not only a virtual art gallery where users can watch famus paintings and wander through the museums, but also a platform for art education.

Kevin Spacey at the World Economic Forum in Davos 2016:

Elisabeth Reede presents the WoofbertVR app at TEDx:

For now WoofbertVR focusses on seeing art virtually anywhere, but considering Kevin Spacey´s opinion on education that could only be the beginning.

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