Solarversia – The Year Long Game by Toby Downton

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Solarversia is a year long game starting on 29th of February 2020 in which 100 million players fight to win the price of £10 million. Each player starts with three lives and needs to collect items, speed points and teleport tokens during the game until finally one player is left standing and winning the game. We follow the 18 year old protagonist Nova Negrahnu and her friends Burner and Sushi playing the game in the virtual reality world. Not only have they to defeat all other players and finally each other, but also a terrorist organization who fights in the virtual and the real world. As the world crashes down around Nova the epic battle begins.

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Take part in some competitions and get your sqare on the players grid on The Golden Grid.

The Book & the Publishing Experiment

Solarversia - The year long gameThe book Solarversia – The Year Long Game was published in August 2015, to find out more watch the review on youtube.

An interesting fact about Solarversia is that Mr. Downton publishes the book on, chapter by chapter during 52 weeks from 5th of February until the launch of the Oculus Rift on 28th of March. He will be the first fiction author to publish a book completely on Additionally you will get fanboy notes with interesting facts about origins and popcultural references.

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The Game Solarversia

Toby Downton´s vision is to bring the book to life and develop the game the story relates to. The game will play in the solar system and follow basic gaming principles. Players have 3 lives, some vehicles to explore the virtual world and will play lots of different competitions along the way to win prices and knock out other players until only one is left and wins the year long game. On you can find out more about the game mechanics and follow the development of the game.

The Author

Toby Downton believes virtual reality is the next technology to change the world and has huge impacts on our society. The purchase of Oculus Rift by Facebook inspired him to realize his idea of a year-long game in virtual reality. He quit his job, wrote the book and founded the company Spiralwerks Ltd. to market the book and develop the game. To finance the development he wants to use books sales, merchandise and movie rights to attrackt venture capital funding.

Toby Downton talks to the fantastic Malia Probst about his book on the Real Virtual Show.

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