Oscars 2016 – a gentle touch by VR

It seems these days VR is the the hot topic every major event needs.
Today: The Academy Awards aka Oscars 2016

Like in 2014 with the famous Selfie by Ellen de Generes Samsung also this year posed on the OscarĀ“s red carpet. There is the official Samsung ad for the Awards, that not only presents the Galaxy S7, but also puts William H. Macy into the Gear VR (watch the Video until the end).

Conveniently every guest received the official $160.000 worth gift bags this year including a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and a Gear VR. Preloaded with some VR movies like Waves and Hard world for small things. that were part of the New Frontiers programme at the Sunance Film Festival.

Actually this present for the movie business absolutely makes sense. Some of the skeptical movie makers might be inspired to try the new technology to experiment with new forms of storytelling.

Around the big event there are some preliminary reports like the coproduction between abc and littlestar on the red carpet…

… and the famous Vanity Fair party in 360 degree:



The Future?

Next year there will definitely be more reports from and around the Oscars in 360 degree movies and in a couple of years perhaps a new category “Best Virtual Reality Movie”? Some famous filmmakers like Kevin Spacey (invested in Woofbert VR) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (excited about storytelling in VR) are pioneers with hopefully many others following.

And by the way…
Leonardo di Caprio finally won his first Academy Award as “Best Actor in a Leading Role”. Congratulations!

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